Friday, December 9, 2016

On My Drafting Table...

Wow...I've had so many late nights this week that midnight is beginning to sound early to me!

Yes, it's midnight now and I'm up blogging 😂...

...about the thing I love doing - pattern drafting!

I prefer it over sewing, hands down.
Sewing itself gets a bit tedious at times.
Especially when it's mass production work.
But I know some people who like the auto-ness of mass production (I'm looking at you, LiEr!)

Pattern-drafting, on the other hand, is all about the engineering; melding fit and design into creating something that works.
What a turn-on!

So on my drafting table this week is this:

It's a jumper obviously, or romper, depending on which part of the world you are reading this.
What else is it called? (leave a comment on that, won't you?)

There must be a more grown-up word for something a woman would wear.

It's for a lovely friend of mine whose creativity is a thing to behold.
She's an architect by trade and I'm not surprised her talents extend to fashion design as well.
That's how it is with creative people...they can do just about anything if they want to :)

I'm only just starting to think about the right fit to draft and if I should cut the black on the bias, to eliminate the need for waist darts...don't want to mar the lines.

The back of it repeats the same diagonal lines and V-dip 'neckline'.

Oh here are the cloths to use:

Black and nude-coloured silk crepe....hurray (no really, I'm working on positive thinking *wink*).

The fabric will work great though with a body-skimming relaxed fit, bias cut.'s the perfect fabric :)


Well, time to get back to work.
It's still only 12.30am 😏

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Free Pattern Download!

Hello and Season's Greetings :)

I just wanted to say a quick but heartfelt 'Thank you' for your support over the years.
The Measuring Tape has just passed its 8th year as a blog and its 9th year as an online digital pattern store and I'm excited to mark the occasion with a Free digital pattern!
To show you my appreciation, I want to give you my Versatile Blouse pattern & complete instructions - for FREE!

Click here to claim your GIFT.

And don't forget my ongoing SALE of all PDF patterns  - now going for only $2! (custom patterns not included)
It's only on for a limited time so go grab your favourites to make for the holiday season before the sale ends!

All e-patterns come with detailed instructions and illustrations, not to mentioned great tips on layout and sewing how-tos.

Go have a look and browse as long as you like :)

Happy shopping and I'll see you all soon!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Surgical Tool in My Sewing Kit!

How is everyone feeling this week?
I hope you had a sumptuous and love-filled Thanksgiving :)

I missed out on turkey myself because it's not a holiday typically observed over here in KL.
But I do think it should!
Because we should always be grateful for the little blessings.

Right now, I'm grateful for this handy little tool in my sewing box...

It's a medical clamp.

Yup, I have surgical tools in my sewing room.

This little gadget is just great for turning collar points.
And it's really good for clamping 2 pieces of cloth together when you need both hands to work on something else.
It is by far my favourite 'non-sewing' sewing tool!

Here's a video I made of this little guy in action:


It's obvious I need practice in taking better videos!
But as it's my first one ever, I shall forgive myself, learn from it, and move on...:)


You can get one of these clamps from any medical supply store, or ebay for that matter!
This one was given to me by my father, who found it in a second-hand kiosk by the road side in Singapore.
And it cost him all of $2!
Just make sure the needle-nose of the clamp is curved rather than straight, and it is as pointy as you can find them.

Wishing you a blessedly thankful day!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


Yesterday, I completed a Chef's Jacket and Waiter's shirt for a client;
samples for their remodelled cafe here in KL.
I'd show you pictures, but I'm not sure I should.
At least not until they've started using it in the cafe.

I finished them in less time than anticipated
And all because I was so happily absorbed in the work that it didn't feel like work.
Not at all.
When was the last time you felt that way about 'work'?
Let's hope it wasn't too long ago.
Unfortunately, for me, the last time I felt that way was really too long ago.
But then, as I've explained before, I was in a funk for the past few months.

Someone gave me another great tip last week.
That's to write down 5 things I'm grateful for that day,
and to do that just before going to bed so that we go to bed feeling positive.

I've been doing that every night since.
And I must say, it's brought a change to my morning mood.
It didn't happen after the first night, though.
It took about 6 nights.
But then that's me.
I was never a morning person;
especially not when I have to wake up at 5.45am every day! Ha.

In case you think this blog is appearing less and less about sewing,
fear not.
I've got ideas on the drawing board for a new collection of sewing patterns.
And I'll put sneak peeks here from time to time.

I'm even thinking of a tutorial or two.
Mostly bite size servings of technical how to's.
Like how to sew a seam with piping in the way.
And how to sew a button (sounds too simple?
Well, I realised most people sew them on in such a way that it causes the button placket to pucker when you wear the shirt, or dress, or any buttoned-up garment.)

Before I go, here's something I'm grateful for today:
The Rain!
It cooled the house down considerably while I was cleaning it from top to bottom,
music blasting in the background - Rock Hits from the 60s & 70s :D.
Yes, I sang into the mop handle.
And I had FUN!

Friday, November 4, 2016

Positively motivating

The amazing thing about emitting positive energy, no matter how little of it, is that positive things start happening to you.
It's almost as if it can't help itself :)

I met a novelist on Wednesday who wanted me to test-read her manuscript.
I was invited to an up-coming party.
I unexpectedly got a sale on 2 of my RTW dresses from 2 seasons ago!
It just keeps coming.
It will for you too.
Just keep those thoughts positive.

AND I've been getting ideas on my next pattern to develop.
After a hiatus spanning years.
Actually, it will be a whole series of patterns, based on a theme, for both women and children.
I can't wait to get started!
First though, I've got orders to finish....happy problems.
That doesn't stop me from sketching and jotting down notes and thoughts though :)
Gotta keep the momentum going, you know?

Today, I received a wonderful tip on how to keep the gloomies at bay. at least 2 things each day that make you happy;
Sing in the shower, or while driving.
Go and run outside with your kids.
Sit in a cafe smelling the aroma of roasted coffee beans.
Anything that makes you happy.

For me, that's creating and making.
Drafting, sketching, writing.
...and singing off-key :)

What does it for you?
What 2 things could you do to make happy for yourself?

If  sewing is your thing,
PDF patterns are still at $2 ;)

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